Beautiful Truth Against Gravity

Beautiful truth against gravity:
read carefully..
“The heart feels light when someone is IN IT,
But it feels very heavy when some LEAVES IT”


He Loved With Half Of His Heart

He Did Care,
Just Not As Much & Not As Long As She Did.
He Loved With Half Of His Heart
& She Loved With All Of Her.
That’s Why he’s Perfectly Fine
While She Struggles To Even Breathe

No One Knows The Value of Tears

Each drop of a Tear is Costly

than anything in World..


No One knows its value

until they have it in their own eyes

For Someone.

Nothing is More Painful

Nothing is more painful than realizing that
someone meant everything to you
but you meant nothing to that person

Your Life Can Go On Without Me

I Know Your Life Can Go On Without Me,
That You Can Be Happy Without Me,
That You Can Survive Without Me,
But Even If You Turn Me Away,
I Will Still Choose To Stay With You…
…Be Your Sweetest Stranger Forever…

Word From Broken Heart

Words From Broken Heart:

” I Said My Heart Is Urs..
I Didnt Say..



That U Have The Right To Break It..!!


Bes Line For Broken Heart

Best line 4 broken heart.
Zindagi me nahi bhul pane wali chez ab tak unka diya hua pyar tha…
lekin ab..
unka diya hua gum hai.