Tum Ho Kisi Aur Ki Amanat

Aj tum huye paraye
gum hi hai jo hai humko apnaye
tum ho aj kisi aur ki amanat
aur chup ke se roti rahi meri mohabbat !


Kaal Jo Apna Tha Aj Woh Begana Hai

kaal jo sach tha
aj woh swapna hai
aankhe khuli toh dekha
sab bikhre hai
nind me thi jo pata na chala
kaal jo apna tha
aj woh begana hai.

Nab Bhoolaye Jate Hain Dost Juda Ho Kar Bhi

“Kab Bhoolaye Jate Hain Dost Juda Ho Kar Bhi ,


Dil Toot To Jata Hai”
Rehta Phir Bhi Seeny Mein Hai,

Kismat Me Dard Kaun Likhta Hai

Kon kehta hy k aadmi apni kismat khud likhta hay…
Agar yeh sach hy tu kismat mein dard kaon likta hay

When You Are Completely Broken

If u can smile at the moment when u r completely broken.

Then remember.

There is nothing in this world that can break u next time…!

Broken Trust Like A Melted Chocolate

Broken Trust is like a melted Chocolate,
No matter how u tried to freeze it,
it will never return to its original Shape..!

“The Broken Heart” – William Barnes

“News o’ grief had overteaken
Dark-eyed Fanny, now vorseaken;
There she zot, wi’ breast a-heaven,
While vrom zide to zide, wi’ grieven,
Vell her head, wi’ tears a-creepen
Down her cheaks, in bitter weepen.
There wer still the ribbon-bow
She tied avore her hour ov woe,
An’ there wer still the hans that tied it
Hangen white,
Or wringen tight,
In ceare that drowned all ceare bezide it.

When a man, wi’ heartless slighten,
Mid become a maiden’s blighten,
He mid cearelessly vorseake her,
But must answer to her Meaker;
He mid slight, wi’ selfish blindness,
All her deeds o’ loven-kindness,
God wull waigh ’em wi’ the slighten
That mid be her love’s requiten;
He do look on each deceiver,
He do know
What weight o’ woe
Do break the heart ov ev’ry griever. “O Never say that I was false of heart,
Though absence seem’d my flame to qualify!
As easy might I from myself depart,
As from my soul, which in thy breast doth lie:
That is my home of love; if I have ranged,
Like him that travels I return again,